A wet spot is visible as Alisha starts to pee in her jeans

Only One Bathroom

Bursting to pee, Alisha ends up having a wet accident in her jeans when Sosha is occupying the only bathroom in this sexy wetting video.

One of the problems of having a roommate and only one bathroom is that sometimes you have to wait when you need to go.  Poor Alisha discovers this when she ends up having to wait too long.  Unable to hold it, she pees in her jeans.

The video shows Alisha’s roommate, Sosha, come downstairs and casually go to the bathroom.  A moment later, Alisha flies through the front door, frantically making her way to the bathroom only to discover the door is locked.  She bangs on the door, begging Sosha to hurry, but gets no response.

Inside the bathroom a secret, hidden camera, shows us what Sosha is up to.  Having had precious little private time lately, Sosha as retreated to the bathroom to masturbate.  Horny, she could care less that Alisha desperately needs the toilet.  Just wanting to get herself off, she ignores Alisha’s please from beyond the door.

Unfortunately for poor Alisha, she can’t hold on any longer.  As she please with Sosha to hurry, she ends up peeing in her tight faded jeans.  We can clearly see the wet patch form and creep down her leg as she wets herself.

Finally, Sosha exits the bathroom, but at this point it is too late for Alisha.  Completely unsympathetic, Sosha simply laughs at Alisha for wetting her pants as she brushes by her.  Angry that her roommate made her have an accident, Alisha storms into the bathroom to clean herself up.

Preview Images

Sosha casually enters the bathroom
Alisha discovers the bathroom door is locked
Hidden bathroom camera catuches Sosha masturbating
Desperate to pee, Alisha please with Sosha to come out of the bathroom
Small wet patch visible on Alisha's jeans as she starts to have an accident
Wet patche extends down her leg as she pees her pants
Hidden camera shows that Sosha is still masturbating in the bathroom
Sosha exits the bathroom and sees Alisha's wet pants
Alisha angrily yells at Sosha for making her have an accident
Still wearing her wet jeans, Alisha heads into the bathroom to clean up