Sosha completely peed in her pants

One Shot Wetting

Recorded continuously in one single unedited shot, Sosha wets her pants, then cleans up her puddle, in this video.

From a static low angle camera shot we see Sosha enter the room.  She is wearing what appears to be a leopard print  shirt and brown pants.  Seemingly desperate, she bounces around a bit, squeezing her legs together.  It looks like she is trying to untie some kind of drawstring around her pants, but seems to quickly loose the battle.

Unable to get her pants down, she ends up peeing in them.  The fabric grows visibly wet as she pees herself and the expression on her face is one of extreme embarrassed.  She stands, frozen, as she completely wets her pants.

As soon as she is done peeing she walks out of frame, but returns moments later with a towel.  While still wearing her wet pants, she mops up the mess she made on the floor.  Once she has cleaned up her puddle she walks out of frame again and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha holds her crotch and squeezes her legs together.
Sosha struggles to untie the drawstring of her pants.
Unable to get her pants down, she starts to wet herself.
A large wet patch is visible as Sosha pees in her pants.
Embarrassed, Sosha tries to cover the wet patch on her pants to disguise that she just peed herself.
Sosha appears shocked that she wet her pants.
Trying to clean up her pee puddle with a towel.
Bending over as she cleans up her puddle, we get a good look at her wet pants from behind.