On the Camera

If you enjoy extreme close ups as a girl pees in her panties, I think you are going to like this video.

This video features the super sexy Alisha peeing through her white thong panties. We set up a small waterproof camera on the floor and had her squat over it. The result is an amazing close up view from directly underneath as she soaks her underwear. Streams of her urine trickle across her butt cheeks before dribbling onto the camera.

At the same time, we shot it from the front too. This view gives you a nice zoomed in close up as she pees. Again, from this view you can see her underwear become soaked. Streams pour from her panties all over the other camera and the floor.

After she has finished peeing she stands up and takes off her underwear. She shows off her panties for the camera, holding them up, before saying goodbye.