A wet stain extends down Olivia's pants leg.

Olivia Pees in Her White Pants

Watch Olivia intentionally pee in her white pants, then masturbate in this video.

In this scene, we find Olivia in the living room wearing a t-shirt and white pants.  She needs to pee, but as she explains, Alisha is currently in the bathroom.  Not in the mood to try and hold it, she simply decides to pee in her pants instead.  As we watch, she lets go, wetting herself.  We can clearly see her pee stream travel down her leg and pour from the bottom of her pants making a puddle.

After she is done peeing herself, she takes off her wet pants and holds them up for the camera.  This way we can more fully appreciate just how fully she soaked herself.  In taking off her pants, she also reveals her wet cotton panties underneath.  Now horny from peeing herself, she proceeds to masturbate in her dripping wet underwear.  After climaxing she says goodbye, and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Olivia gives the camera a naughty smile just before peeing in her pants.
A wet stain is visible running down Olivia's pants leg as she starts to pee.
Pee pours from theh bottom of Olivia's pants leg.
Close-up shot of Olivia's wet pants.
Olivia looks down at her pants after peeing in them.
Olivia holds up her wet pants to the camera, revealling her dripping wet cotton panties.
Close-up shot of Olivia's wet panties.
Wide-shot as Olivia starts to touch herself while wearing her wet underwear.
Close-up of Olivia rubbing herself in her wet panties.
Olivia gets close to climaxing as she masturbates in her peed in panties.