Wearing her soaked cargo pants, Olivia smiles at the camera.

Olivia Peeing in Cargo Pants

Olivia pees in her light-colored cargo pants, completely soaking them, in this sexy photo gallery.

Check out this gallery featuring more than eighty photos of Olivia as she pees in her cargo pants, thoroughly soaking them.  For these photos join Olivia indoors where we find her wearing a striped t-shirt and light colored cargo pants.  The first photos we come to in this photo set simply show Olivia posing for the camera while looking adorable.

Proceeding through the photo set, however, we eventually come to the photos of Olivia wetting herself.  Looking a bit sheepish, she releases the contents of her bladder across several photos.  We can see the wet stain grow larger from one photo to another, glistening in the light as it extends down her legs.  After she is done peeing she shows off her dripping wet pants to the camera.  Ultimately she takes her pants off, revealing her floral pattern panties, holding the soaked pants up to the camera so we can get a better look.

Preview Images

Olivia poses for the camera in a striped t-shirt and light colored cargo pants.
Peeing in her cargo pants, Olivia looks a bit sheepish as she smiles at the camera.
Olivia looks down at the wet stain on her pants.
Olivia holds up her dripping wet pants to the camera.