Three screen shots from Olivia's phone showing different points in the video where she pees in her pants.

Olivia Films Herself Wetting on Purpose

This self-filmed video comes to us from Olivia.  In the video, she needs to pee, but instead of using the toilet she decides to let it all go in her jeans instead.

During our last video shoot with Olivia, she had a bit of downtime between scenes.  During this time, she needed to pee, but instead of just going to the bathroom she took it upon herself to film this video.  Recording herself on her phone in the bathroom, she talks about how she needs to pee before letting it all go in her jeans.  Then, as she wets her pants, she records the wet stain spreading down her legs.  After she is done peeing she takes time to show off her wet pants and underwear to the camera before saying goodbye.

Preview Images

Olivia talking to the camera.
Looking down at Olivia's jeans while they are still dry.
Close-up of a small wet pee-patch on the front of her jeans.
Large wet stain extends down Olivia's jeans as she pees her pants.
A shot of Olivia's soaked jeans.
Olivia shows her wet panties to the camera.