Standing in front of the toilet, Olivia's jeans are visibly wet.

Olivia Didn’t Quite Make It

Olivia explodes into the bathroom, bladder about to burst, only to wet her pants in front of the toilet in this desperation video.  She was so close to making it, but just didn’t quite get there soon enough.

At one point or another, we have all had that experience- Bursting to pee and just barely reaching the toilet in time.  Maybe some of you have had that experience, but haven’t been lucky enough to make it.  In this scene, it is obviously going to be a photo finish for Olivia.  She races to the toilet, but as she approaches you can see a wet patch starting to form on her jeans if you watch closely.  By the time she gets to the toilet, it is clearly too late.  She can’t stop the flow and simply sits down on the seat with her jeans still pulled up.  There, on the toilet, she pees freely through her pants.

After she is done peeing she continues to sit on the toilet for a while in stunned silence.  She can’t believe she wet her pants and is unsure what to do.  It almost seems like she is struggling to accept the reality of her situation.  Finally, she slowly stands up from the toilet and inspects her wet jeans, head hung low in shame.

Preview Images

Olivia rushes into the bathroom.
Halfway to the toilet a visible wet patch is present on Olivia's jeans.
Immediately in front of the toilet, the wet patch on Olivia's pants has grown larger.
Sitting on the toilet, Olivia pees through her jeans.
While sitting on the toilet, Olivia inspects her wet jeans.
Standing up from the toilet, we get a better look at Olivia's wet pants.
Olivia feels her wet jeans.
Olivia hangs her head in shame after wetting her pants.