Sosha laughs as Olivia pees in her jeans.

Olivia- Bound and Desperate Wetting

Olivia is bursting to pee but is unable to do anything about it since Sosha has her handcuffed to a tree.  She ends up wetting her pants when Sosha won’t let her go.

In this video, we find Olivia in the middle of a forest wearing a grey shirt and jeans.  Her arms are wrapped around a tree and her hands are cuffed, trapping her.  As we join her, she is calling for Sosha, pleading to be released because she needs to pee.

Sosha, wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit, responds to Olivia’s calls for help, but doesn’t free her.  Instead, Sosha does everything in her power to try and make Olivia have an accident.  This includes tickling Olivia and pressing on her bladder.  With her hands trapped, the only thing Olivia can do to hold on is squeeze her legs together.

Eventually it is too much for Olivia to endure.  As Sosha tickles her, Olivia pees in her jeans.  We can clearly see the faded denim grow dark with moisture as Olivia has an accident.  Once Sosha notices Olivia is peeing, she laughs gleefully and teases her for having an accident.  She calls Olivia a baby, then walks away, leaving Olivia tied up in her wet pants.

Preview Images

Olivia is tied to a tree and desperate to pee as Sosha approaches in the background.
Olivia pleads with Sosha to be let go, but Sosha doesn't seem interested.
Sosha tickles Olivia's armpits.
Close-up of Sosha's hands pressing on Olivia's bladder.
Olivia begs Sosha not to make her pee in her pants.
Close-up of Olivia's jeans showing a small wet spot.
The wet patch on Olivia's jeans gows larger.
Sosha laughs at Olivia as Olivia hangs her head, still in her wet pants.
Close-up shot of the pee-stain on Olivia's jeans.
Wide shot of Olivia still tied to the tree in her wet pants.