Nurse Can’t Hold It

A nurse has a humiliating wetting accident when she is too busy to take a toilet break in this video.

It has been an incredibly busy day at the clinic. Nurse Nikko has been running from patient to patient all day long, not even having time for a bathroom break. By the time she visits Alisha she is desperate to pee.

Despite her desperation, she does her best to remain professional and get her job done. Alisha has a long list of symptoms though, so it is taking a while. Suddenly, without warning, Nikko looses control of her bladder. Pee flows out from under her skirt and puddles on the floor.

Alisha is completely shocked. She doesn’t know what to say or how to react. Poor Nikko is completely humiliated. All Nikko can think to do is apologize and leave the exam room.