Nowhere To Go

Watch Alisha accidentally pee in her pants in this video.

We join Alisha outside. She is already desperate to pee, but there is no where to go. Needing to pee badly she dances around. Unfortunately for her there is no where to go and she is forced to try to keep holding it.

Then it happens- Her pee starts to slip out. She tries to keep holding on, but a huge gush comes out anyway thoroughly wetting her pants. She still needs to pee though, so she keeps struggling to hold on while trying to cover up her already wet pants.

It isn’t long before she can’t hold back the rest any longer. It flows out into her pants soaking them even more. The thin fabric of her pants is rendered slightly transparent as it becomes soaked which shows off Alisha’s sexy legs, but embarrasses her even more. Completely humiliated she runs off to hide at the end of the video.