“Not Fair”

In this super sexy video Sosha has Mary Jane tied up and tickles her until she pees.

Mary Jane is cuffed to a door and Sosha isn’t about to let her go.  Desperate to pee, Mary Jane pleads with Sosha to be let down.  Unfortunately for Sosah, Mary Jane ignores her cries of desperation.  Instead she tickles her relentlessly. Helpless, hands bound overhead, unable to resist the tickles and desperate to pee eventually Mary Jane can’t take it anymore.  She pees in her shorts- A humiliating accident as Sosha watches.

After she finishes peeing Sosha doesn’t let her go.  Sosha takes off Mary Jane’s wet shorts and starts to act like things are going to get sexy.  Just as Mary Jane is starting to get into it, Sosha walks away.  Mary Jane is left naked from the waist down, tied up, wet with pee, and horny.

This video shows-

  • Mary Jane tied up and Sosha tickling her.
  • Mary Jane wetting her shorts.
  • Sosha undressing Mary Jane and teasing her.
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