Alisha having small leaks in her overalls.

Not According to Plan

Almost nothing in this video went the way we planned it.  Despite this, the video still ended up capturing a pretty good wetting.

The plan was to do a masturbation instruction video.  Alisha was supposed to take you through, in detailed steps, how she wanted you to masturbate for her.  Then, as she wraps up her instruction and you climax, she was supposed to pee in her light-colored overalls.  That isn’t exactly how things happened, however.

First, Alisha was way too desperate to pee at the start of the video.  Instead of holding it all the way to the end, she started suffering from sizable leaks fairly soon after the video kicks off.  Then, with a visible wet patch on her overalls, an unexpected visitor suddenly drives up to where we are shooting.  Alisha quickly hid, and the visitor drove off once they saw us, but they may have seen Alisha in her peed in pants.

After our unexpected visitor drove off, Alisha attempts to continue the video, but she is doing a bad job stopping herself from leaking anymore.  By the time she gets to the point where she was supposed to wet herself, her legs are already soaked all the way to the ground.  She still has more pee inside her, so she lets the rest go, completely wetting herself.

Preview Images

Standing outside in the forest, Alisha instructs you on how to masturbate.
Desperate to pee, Alisha starts to leak in her overalls.
A small wet spot is visible from behind as Alisha tries not to fully pee herself.
Alisha covers the wet spot on her overalls with her hand, trying to hide that she is having an accident.
Alisha squeezes her legs together, trying to stop from wetting herself more than she already has.
Close up of Alisha's wet spot as she desperately leaks into her overalls.
Trying to hide that she is having a wetting accident in her overalls.
Close up shot of Alisha's overalls as she wets herself.
Near the end of the video, Alisha freely pees in her overalls.
Close up shot showing Alisha in her wet clothes after she is done peeing herself.