Nikko is cuffed to a tree and can't escape.

Nikko Trapped in the Forest

Extremely desperate to pee, Nikko ends up accidentally wetting her shorts when she is trapped in the forest in this bondage scene.

In this video we find Nikko deep in the forest.  Her arms are wrapped around a tree, and her hands are cuffed together, so she is unable to escape.  She needs to pee, badly, but with her hands bound, she can’t get her shorts off.  All she can do is try to hold it, cross her legs tightly.

With no hope of freeing herself, it is only a matter of time before Nikko can’t hold on any longer.  Despite struggling to hold it in, she is powerless to stop herself.    At her breaking point, she pees through her blue shorts, soaking them, and creating an impressive stream that runs down her legs.

Once she is finished peeing, she feels a lot better.  No longer battling desperation, her situation doesn’t feel as tire, but is still trapped, in a state of bondage, now in wet shorts and unable to escape.

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Nikko is trapped, unable to escape.
Unable to escape and desperate to pee.
In this bondage scenario, Nikko is cuffed to a tree.
Nikko is very desperate to pee.
Unable to hold on any longer, Nikko's pee gushes through her shorts.
Peeing in her shorts.
Streams of pee run down her legs to her feet.
Nikko is upset that she just wet her pants.
She no longer needs to pee, but her shorts are soaked.
Even though she peed herself, she is still trapped, cuffed to a tree.