Nikko Tied to a Chair

Nikko is tied to a chair and forced to pee in her leggings in this video.

Alisha has Nikko tied to a hotel room chair, topless, wearing only gray leggings. Nikko is very desperate to pee, but is struggling not to have an accident.

Alisha has a different plan though. She is trying to force Nikko to wet herself. Alisha tickles Nikko and pushes on her bladder trying to get her to pee. Finally Alisha succeeds- Nikko’s pee sprays through her leggings, soaking the bad she is sitting on.

Relieved, but embarrassed, Nikko is left sitting in her pee puddle. Happy that she succeeded in getting Nikko to wet herself, Alisha slides her hand down the front of Nikko’s leggings and begins to finger her. Nikko is in a state of ecstasy as Alisha rubs her. Finally Nikko has an intense orgasm. Alisha then leaves Nikko, exhausted, wet, and relieved, tied up in her chair.