Nikko is Busy

Alisha is extremely desperate to pee, but Nikko is busy, in the bathroom, with the door locked.

The video opens with Nikko, naked in the bathroom, masturbating with a sex toy. Desperate to pee Alisha runs to the bathroom only to find the door locked. She knocks frantically on the door, but Nikko simply tells Alisha that she is busy and she will have to wait.

Alisha needs to pee too bad to wait. She soon pees in her khaki pants as she struggles to hold on waiting for the bathroom. With her pants soaked she yells to Nikko in the bathroom that it is too late, she had an accident.

This news turns Nikko on. Nikko comes out of the bathroom and leads Alisha to the bed. Still wearing her peed in clothes Alisha goes down on Nikko, performing oral sex while stimulating her with a vibrator.