Night Bus Stop Wetting

Another very public wetting video featuring Sosha.  This time she completely soaks her pants at a bus stop.

For a girl who at first said she wasn’t sure she could pull off a public wetting, she sure is good at it!  This was our last video of the day.  The sun had just dipped below the horizon and it was starting to get dark. Sosha desperately need to pee as she waited at the bus stop, but the bus never came.

As cars whizzed by and in full view of customers in a nearby cafe Sosha peed her pants.  Not just a little bit either, but a full and complete soaking.  After she finished peeing she figured it was best to get out of there, but we still got some great views of her soaking wet pants.

This video shows-

  • Sosha desperate to pee while waiting for the bus.
  • Sosha wetting her pants in full view of cars passing by.
  • Great close up shots of Sosha’s soaking wet pants after she is done peeing.
  • Sosha doing a recap of the video and talking about what it was like.
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  1. Kevin Haroldson says:

    Great Wetting , Sosha , you did just Great , Girl . Very wonderful wetting of your jeans . Keep it coming , Sosha ! ! Yuo did very good ! !


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