Natalie Peeing in her Panties

This is not just another video of a girl peeing in her panties. Yes, a high def video of a sexy girl peeing through her panties is hot, but Natalie takes it to a whole new level in this video.

You may be wondering how she manages to do this? The answer is simple- She keeps going and going and going!

The video starts out simply enough. A sexy girl undresses down to her panties where the camera moves in for a close up and you get to see a gorgeous pee stream come pouring out of the crotch of her underwear.  Normally that would be it. You would have a perfectly pleasant pee video.

Not with Natalie though. She turns around giving us an amazing view of her ass.  But then she somehow manages to pee again! This time we get an incredible back view of Natalie pissing through her panties.

She has to be out of pee by now right?

After peeing in them twice she takes off her soaking wet panties and shows us just how wet they really are.  Now she is standing completely naked when she tells us that she thinks she can pee again- And she does!  Peeing on the floor while standing naked.

This video shows-

  • Natalie stripping down to her panties.
  • Peeing in her panties from the front.
  • Peeing again in her panties from the back.
  • Showing us her soaking wet panties.
  • Peeing on the floor while standing naked.