Naked and desperate to pee

Naked and Bursting to Pee

Watch Alisha grow extremely desperate to pee, wearing absolutely nothing, before loosing control and peeing all over the floor.

In this video we find Alisha in her living room completely naked and badly needing to pee.  She loves pushing herself to the limit and seeing how long she can hold on before loosing control. We get to watch as she struggles to hold, dancing around and furiously holding her crotch, all to try to hold on just a little longer.

Finally, while still holding herself, she looses control.  She quickly moves her hand out of the way as she pees all over the floor.  If there was ever any doubt about how much she really had to pee, there is now no question as she just keeps going.  After peeing for an impressively long period of time, she is finally empty.  Giddy with relieve, Alisha says goodbye, and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Alisha is naked in her living room
The look on Alisha's face shows how bad she needs to go pee.
Trying not to pee, she presses her hands between her legs.
Her bladder achingly full, she dances around trying to hold it.
She can't hold it any longer and starts to pee
Peeing all over her floor
Close up of Alisha's face showing relief as she pees.
Having held for hours, she pees for an impressive period of time.
Relief as she finally finishes peeing.
She looks very happy after she peed.