Mikki is Mean

Mikki can sometimes have a bit of a mean streak, and it shows in this video.

Mikki ties Paige to a chair in the kitchen.  Paige desperately needs to pee, but Mikki refuses to let her go.  Instead Mikki takes delight in Paige’s suffering.  Eventually, much to Mikki’s joy, Paige has a humiliating accident.

This video shows-

  • Paige tied to a chair and incredibly desperate to pee.
  • Mikki being mean and teasing Paige about how badly she needs the bathroom.
  • Amazing close up of Paige’s crotch as pee gushes through her panties!
  • Torrents of piss splashing on the floor making a puddle.
  • Mikki and Paige both stepping barefooted into the pee puddle.
  • Leftover droplets of pee clinging to Paige’s legs.