May 18 Recorded Webcast

This is the recording of the May 18, 2013 live HD Wetting webcast. This show featured Sosha live in our studio interacting with viewers as she pees in her pants and panties.

The show starts with Sosha chatting with members, drinking water, and progressively growing more desperate. The viewers encourage her to keep holding on, so she does. The result is she grows very desperate to pee. Eventually she can’t hold it any longer and pees in her purple panties.

After she pees her panties, at the request of the viewers, she leaves them on and puts dry pants on over top. Her jeans are dry, but underneath she is still wearing her pissy panties.

As the show continues she grows desperate again. She ends up wetting her jeans, with the same panties still on from her previous accident. After having wet herself again she changes into a dry set of panties.

The show is now almost over. Sosha thinks she can squeeze out one more wetting before we go. Wearing white panties she stands in front of the camera and pees. You get to see her urine spraying the the white fabric of her underwear.