Making out in the Bathroom

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Two incredibly hot girls making out in just their panties.  One of them has to pee.

Watch Paige in Sosha in this video as they make out in the bathroom. Paige is completely topless, wearing only panties while Sosha also has a bra on.

Sosha has to pee, but Paige makes her wait.  Soon a flood of warm urine is cascading through Sosha’s panties, down her legs and splattering on the floor.  Sosha is a little embarrassed, but not so embarrassed she can’t continue to make out with Paige.

In this video you get-

  • Paige and Sosha in just their panties.
  • Two girls making out in the bathroom.
  • Pee desperation.
  • Panty wetting.
  • A huge flood of pee.
  • Pee stream splattering on the floor.