Making Alisha Wet

This super hot lesbian pee fetish video features the amazing Alisha and Sosha together in bed. These girls are great together! They have genuine chemistry that really shows in their videos.

In this video we find both girls in bed, making out, in just their undies. Quickly, things progress from simply making out to touching, rubbing, petting, and more. It seems like Alisha might be approaching her point of climax when she asks Sosha to pee on her.

Sosha is more than happy to indulge Alisha in her request. Straddling over Alisha’s chest, Sosha pees through her panties, soaking Alisha’s exposed breasts and the bed.

It turns out, that was exactly what Alisha needed to have an orgasm. Wet with Sosha’s pee, and being rubbed vigorously, Alisha soon cums in an intense, triumphant, moment of pure bliss.