Lyra's pajamas are visibly wet after she pees in the bed.

Lyra Wets the Bed

In this super sexy lesbian watersports video Lyra pees in the bed while Sosha fingers her.

For this video we join Sosha and Lyra in the bedroom as they engage in a bout of playful, girl-on-girl, sexual stimulation.  Lyra is topless, only wearing her pajama bottoms, while Sosha is wearing panties and a bra.  As the video starts, we find them already full engaged in the throws of passion.  They are making out, Sosha teases Lyra’s nipples, and eventually Sosha slides her hand into Lyra’s pajamas and starts fingering her.

They both seem to be having a lot of fun, until suddenly Lyra pulls away, stating that she badly needs to pee.  This information only serves to further arouse Sosha, who would like nothing better than for Lyra to wet herself in the bed.  Sosha tells Lyra to just go in the bed and keeps fingering her.   Wish Sosha’s hand in her pajamas, Lyra lets go.  She soaks the bed, her pajama bottoms, and Sosha’s hand.  Sosha, for her part, seems to love it.  Ultimately Lyra ends up climaxing, in her wet pajamas.  The video comes to a close as they snuggle together in the soaked bed.

Preview Images

Sosha and Lyra make out in the bed
Wearing black panties Sosha straddles Lyra, wearing pajama pants.
Sosha playfully teases Lyra's nipples.
Sosha slides her hand into Lyra's pajama pants.
Sosha sucking on Lyra's nipple.
Lyra starting to pee in her pajama pants, wetting the bed.
Sosha continues fingering Lyra as Lyra pees in the bed.
Sosha licks off her fingers after feeling Lyra's pee.
Sosha feels Lyra's pissy wet pajamas.
With the bed still wet, and Lyra still wearing her soaked pajamas, Lyra and Sosha snuggle together.