Sosha performs oral sex on Lyra on the bed Lyra just peed on.

Lyra Tied Up and Tickled

Lyra is tied up, wearing only gray cotton panties, and then tickled until she pees herself in this video.

As the scene starts we find Lyra tied to the bed.  She is topless, wearing only gray cotton panties.  Sosha, wearing leggings and a bra, eagerly hovers over her.  Immediately Sosha launches into relentless tickles.  Lyra, being extremely ticklish, thrashes around on the bed, tugging at the ropes holding her down, in a futile attempt to escape Sosha’s fingers.

It doesn’t take long for Lyra’s very full bladder to give out under such conditions.   Soon she is peeing through her panties and making a sizeable puddle on the mattress.  Once she is done eating, Sosha excitedly removes her panties and begins to perform oral sex.

Still tied up, laying in a puddle of her own urine, and now completely naked, Lyra is brought to a state of ecstasy.  Sosha expertly eats her out.  Before long, Lyra climaxes.  The video then comes to an end with Sosha giving Lyra a sweet goodnight kiss.

Preview Images

Lyra, tied to the bed only wearing panties, is teased by Sosha.
Wide shot of Sosha tickling Lyra.
Close up of Sosha tickling Lyra's sides.
Close up shot from above looking down at Lyra's panties as she starts to pee.
Close up shot of Lyra's panties as she pees in them and a puddle starts to form on the bed.
Sosha and Lyra look at the giant pee puddle that Lyra just made.
Sosha performing oral sex on Lyra.
Sosha fingering Lyra.
Medium shot of Lyra laying naked on the wet bed.
Sosha and Lyra share a sweet goodnight kiss.