Sosha soaks her panties and the bed from peeing while being tickled

Lyra Tickle Tortures Sosha

Only wearing panties, Sosha is bound to the bed and tickled by Lyra until she wets herself in this video.

As we have seen many times previously, Sosha is both extremely ticklish and prone to wetting herself.  Lyra is well aware of this, but decides to have a bit of fun tickling Sosha anyway.  Sosha is bound to the bed with rope, wearing only panties, unable to escape.  She is tickled mercilessly by Lyra, who seems to thoroughly enjoy Sosha’s frantic and futile attempts at escape.

Sosha is so ticklish that it doesn’t take very long at all for her to pee.  With Lyra still tickling her, Sosha pees in her panties and soaks the bed sheets.  Only once she has completely emptied her bladder does Lyra show any mercy and stop tickling her.

With her panties soaked and a sizable puddle on the bed, Sosha is more than a little embarrassed.  To make her feel better, Lyra removes Sosha’s wet underwear, then, while still laying in the pee puddle, goes down on Sosha.  When it comes to pleasuring Sosha, Lyra knows exactly what she is doing.  We get to watch as Lyra brings Sosha to an intense, screaming orgasm in the wet bed.

Preview Images

Sosha is tied to the bed and tickled by Lyra
Sosha struggles to retain her composure as Lyra tickles her without mercy
Shot from above, looking down at the bed as Sosha is tickled wearing only her panties
Close up as Sosha starts to pee in her panties
Sosha's panties getting very wet as she pees in them.
After peeing in her panties Sosha's face shows a look of utter humiliation
Close up of Lyra pulling off Sosha's soaked panties
Lyra starts to perform oral sex on Sosha
Lyra, between Sosha's legs, eating her out.
After climaxing Sosha is left laying nude on the wet bed, still tied up.