Wearing only panties, Lyra pees on Sosha

Lyra Pees on Sosha

Lyra Malone pees through her panties, all over Sosha, as they pose together in bed in these sexy photos.

This lesbian golden shower photo set features Lyra and Sosha together in the bedroom.  Lyra is only wearing panties while Sosha is wearing light colored pants and a white t-shirt.  They make out and touch each other, and then Lyra pees on Sosha.

With Sosha laying on the bed, Lyra straddles her. Once in position, Lyra happily pees through her panties, soaking Sosha.  Both girls seem to thoroughly enjoy the experiences, as they smile happily at the camera.  You can see Lyra’s thick stream in the photos and the urine pooling on Sosha’s lap.  When Lyra is done wetting her underwear, she, the bed, and Sosha are left completely soaked.

Preview Images

Lyra straddles Sosha in the bed, preparing to pee on her
Lyra pees through her panties onto Sosha and the bed.
After Lyra pees on her, Sosha sucks on Lyra's breast
Sosha and Lyra happily pose together on the wet bed