Close up of Lyra peeing through her shorts

Lyra Bathroom Wetting Selfies

These amateur pictures come to us directly from Lyra herself.

Recently, Lyra went into the bathroom to pee.  Instead of using the the toilet, like a good girl, she decided to pee through her striped panties and shorts, making a puddle on the bathroom floor.  As she peed, she snapped several selfies with her phone.  She then e-mailed those pictures to us, so we could share them with all of you.  The entire gallery features nearly 40 photos of Lyra peeing herself, then showing off her wet clothing.

Preview Images

Lyra poses for a selfie in the bathroom
Flashing her panties in the bathroom mirror
Starting to pee in her shorts onto the bathroom floor
Showing off her wet shorts after peeing in them