Lost Outhouse

Sosha is out camping, but disaster strikes when she needs to pee, but can’t find the outhouse in this video.

It is early in the morning. Sosha wakes up in her tent, desperate to pee, and sets off for the outhouse. After wandering away from her campsite, she is surprised to discover the outhouse isn’t where she expected it to be. We follow her as she searches for the outhouse, growing more and more desperate along the way.

Her desperation becomes extremely severe, but she still can’t find the outhouse. Despite her dire situation, she is afraid someone will come along in catch her if she pees in the bushes. Finally, her salvation- She thinks she spots the outhouse through the trees.

She rushes towards the outhouse, but it is too late. Her bladder can’t take anymore and she starts peeing uncontrollably, wetting her pants. There is nothing she can do but stop and let it happen. After she is done peeing in her pants she heads back to camp, hoping that no one else in her camp site is yet awake so she can change without anyone finding out about her accident.