Locking the door on Mikki

What happens when Mikki needs to pee and Paige locks her outside?

Paige and Mikki are discussing what they are going to do for the day when, without warning, Paige goes inside locking the door behind her.  Mikki left trapped outside and needs to pee!

Mikki dances around and grabs her crotch, trying desperately to maintain control of her bladder.  The whole while Paige is watching the show from the other side of the locked door.  Mikki begs Paige to let her in, but Paige doesn’t listen.

Finally Mikki’s bladder can’t take it anymore.  Like a child being potty trained, Mikki pees in her pants.  Much to the delight of Paige, Mikki’s pants are soon completely soaked!  Once she is done peeing, Paige unlocks the door letting Mikki return inside, humiliated.