Locking Sosha Out

When Sosha needs to pee Alisha lures her outside and locks the door.

This video starts with both Sosha and Alisha sitting on the sofa watching television. Sosha gets up to pee, but suddenly Alisha realizes that her cat is outside and asks Sosha to go look for it.

Sosha is suspicious that Alisha is simply trying to prevent her from going to the toilet. Alisha swears that this is not the case. Though she is apprehensive, Sosha gives in and steps outside to search for Alisha’s cat. As soon as she steps outside Alisha locks the door behind her.

After circling the yard searching unsuccessfully for Alisha’s cat Sosha returns to the door desperate to pee. The door is locked though and it is soon revealed Alisha’s cat is actually inside. Sosha is in dire need of a toilet, but Alisha refuses to unlock the door and let her in. Instead Alisha joyfully watches as Sosha crosses her legs and dances desperately trying to maintain bladder control.

Despite frantically holding her crotch and squeezing her legs tightly Sosha starts to leak. Once the leaking starts it soon turns into a flood. Alisha laughs from inside watching Sosha, locked out on the back patio, pee in her jeans. Only after Sosha has completely soaked her jeans does Alisha unlock the door and let her in.

In this video you get to see-

  • Alisha luring Sosha outside and locking the door.
  • Sosha desperate to pee while locked outside.
  • Alisha teasing Sosha as Sosha struggles to maintain bladder control.
  • Sosha accidentally peeing in her jeans as Alisha laughs.