Sosha wets her pants in public

Locked Park Bathroom

Desperate to pee, Sosha is relieved that she was able to find a public bathroom in a park.  Unfortunately, as the sign states, the facilities are closed at dusk and it is now way past sundown.  In her desperation, Sosha doesn’t have time for silly things like reading signs.  When she discovers the doors are locked, she assumes they must be in use.  Ultimately this leads to an embarrassing public wetting accident.

We join Sosha in this video as she walks briskly towards the park bathrooms.  Wearing white pants, she is very desperate to pee.  Upon reaching the bathroom, she finds both doors are locked.  Automatically, she assumes they must be in use.  Figuring one of the facilities should free up soon, she tries to hold on.  We get to watch as she frantically paces back and forth, crosses her legs, and even holds herself.

Despite all the effort she puts into holding on, no one ever emerges from the locked doors.  Finally, unable to hold it anymore, it happens- She wets her pants.  You can clearly tell how embarrassed she is by the stunned look on her face as she publicly soaks herself.  Having wet her pants, she runs away, humiliated.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha frantically approaches the park bathroom
She discovers both doors are locked
Sosha tries desperately not to pee her pants as she waits
The situation dire, she tries knocking on the bathroom doors
Crossing her legs, hands pressed into her crotch
Unable to hold on any longer, she starts to wet her pants a bit
Now she is wetting a lot
The back of her pants are also soaked
Now that she wet her pants, she isn't sure what to do
Humiliated because she had an accident, she runs away to hide