Showing off her wet ass after peeing in her pants

Living Room Jeans Wetting

Check out this stunning photo set featuring Sosha peeing in her jeans in her living room.  Carefully lit, and shot in stunning resolution, these pictures let you clearly appreciate every drop as Sosha wets her pants.

This photo set starts out with Sosha posing for the camera.  She is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  At first, we just get some cute poses, but then she begins to look desperate, crossing her legs and holding her crotch.  Finally, she lets it go, peeing in her pants.  After unleashing a flood in her jeans she takes off her shirt and shows off the wet patch on her clothes.  Finally she takes the wet pants off, letting us appreciate several pictures of her in her wet panties.

Preview Images

Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, Sosha looks cute posing for the camera
Peeing in her pants
Showing off her wet pants after she's peed in them
Taking off her peed in jeans and showing her wet underwear