Laundry Room

After a prolonged period of desperation Alisha has a wet accident in her jeans.

In this video we get to watch from a hidden camera as Alisha enters the laundry room to check on her clothes in the dryer. When she goes to leave the laundry room she discovers the door is locked. She is trapped and unable to get out.

At first everything is fine- She is just bored, waiting for someone to open the door from the other side. After a while though she begins to need to pee. As we watch she grows more and more desperate.

Finally she starts to leak. After a brief bit of leaking the floodgates open and she soaks her jeans. At least she is already in the right place to wash her wet pants. She takes of her soaking wet jeans and puts them in the washing machine. The door is still locked, so she has nothing else to do but stand around and wait for someone to rescue her.