June 7 Recorded Webcast

This is the recorded version of our June 7, 2013 live webcast. In this video you get to watch Sosha as she interacts with members and pees in her panties.

You get to see two wetting’s in this video. First you get to watch as Sosha gets desperate. Wearing only a t-shirt and thong panties the members make her do fifty sit ups as she is desperate to pee. Only after she has completed her sit ups to the members give her permission to let go. We get to watch as she sits on the floor and pees through her thong, making a nice yellow puddle.

Sosha then asks what panties she should put on next. The members pick out nice white floral print panties for her to wear. As she drinks more water and fills up she chats and answers members questions. Finally she gets to the point where she is ready to pee again. This time she does it standing up, feet planted firmly on the the ground, she releases an impressive stream into her panties.