July 12 Webcast

This is the recorded version of our July 12, 2013 live webcast. In this video you will get to watch as Sosha gets extremely desperate before peeing in her shorts.

At the start of the webcast, Sosha had to pee badly! Unfortunately for her, it seemed as if there may have been a slight technical problem. We didn’t want her to pee in her shorts if no one could see it, so she had to keep holding. The result is you get to watch Sosha get insanely desperate to pee as she waits for any technical problems to be resolved. At a couple points she even accidentally leaks a bit.

Finally, with all the technical issues resolved, Sosha releases a flood into her shorts. It is an impressive sight- The pee just keeps flowing out seemingly without end. When she does finally manage to stop peeing she leaves her wet panties on as she lounges, relieved, on the sofa.

Soon she needs to pee again. At the suggestion of the viewers she lays on the floor, wearing pink panties, with her legs spread. The camera zooms in for a close up as she pees through her panties.