Peeing through her panties

It’s Been a While

Badly needing to pee, Alisha intentionally lets it all go in her panties in this video.

It has been a little while now since we have got to do a shoot with Alisha, so we were really excited when we were finally able to get together and shoot with her recently.  In this video we head outdoors with Alisha on a lovely day, while she is desperate to pee.  She obviously needs to go as she is fidgiting and dancing around.

Because she needs to go so bad, there is very little lead up to the wetting.  Almost immediately she quickly removes her shorts, revealing her blue cotton panties.  She barely gets her shorts off before she starts to pee through her underwear.  After she is done peeing she takes off her wet panties and shows them off to our camera.  The video ends as she puts her shorts back on, tossing away her wet panties, and walks off.

Preview Images

Alisha standing outside
Desperate to pee, Alisha fidgets.
Taking off her shorts revealing her panties.
Peeing through her cotton underwear.
A visible puddle forms on the ground as she pees.
After wetting herself she snows off her wet panties.
Alisha takes off her woaking wet underwear.
Holding up and inspecting her peed in panties.
Holding up her wet underwear to the camera.
Putting her shorts back on without underwear.