Lyra talks about her pee fetish

Introducing Lyra

We are extremely excited to introduce a brand new face to HD Wetting, Lyra Malone.

In this video we sit down with Lyra and chat with her about how she first got interested in wetting herself and in diapers, and how she ended up modeling for us. She talks about how she started wetting herself in college so she wouln’t have to take bathroom breaks while studying, making it easier to keep up with her heavy course load.

From there, she discovered that she enjoyed wearing and wetting diapers. Online, she discovered she wasn’t the only person who was into this. Eventually she found HD Wetting and HD Diapers, and thought being part of our videos was something that would be fun for her.

Preview Images

Lyra smiles as she is interviewed about peeing in her pants
Lyra working on her computer
Lyra and Sosha appear together only wearing diapers
Close up of Lyra wearing a diaper
A pee stream trickles down Lyra's leg wetting her white leggings
Lyra peed in her denim shorts
Lyra's wet panties are visible under her wet shorts
Sosha and Lyra getting kinky in bed
Lyra and Sosha making out
Headshot of Lyra