Introducing Alisha

At a recent HD Wetting shoot Sosha brought her friend, Alisha, by to join in the fun.

Instead of just letting her friend sit back and watch the shoot, Sosha tied her friend up in the garage and waited until she was desperate to pee.  Even though Alisha offered to pee in a bucket if Sosha would untie her, Sosha refused.  Eventually Alisha got to the point where she couldn’t hold it any longer and wet her pants.

This video shows-

  • Alisha tied up in the garage, desperate to pee.
  • Sosha teasing Alisha about her situation.
  • Alisha begging to be let go.
  • Alisha peeing in her jeans.
  • Sosha laughing at Alisha for having an accident.
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  1. Alvin says:

    I've had a membership for a while, and Alisha may be my favorite girl I've ever seen on here. Please have her come back some more!

  2. Angry Customer says:

    I tried to download this and paid money but they took my money and the video won't play and customer service won't help either.

    • TVGuy says:

      I am sorry you are having problems playing the video. I did receive your e-mail and I sent you a detailed reply with ideas on how to fix the problem. I had also asked for you to e-mail me back if none of the ideas on how to fix the issue worked so I could try to come up with a solution.

      If you did not receive my reply e-mail, I am very sorry. Based on your e-mail it sounds like your media player is opening the file and trying to play it before it has finished downloading. On some computers Windows Media Player, or other media players, detect that you are downloading a video and open up to start streaming the file immediately. This can be a problem if your internet connection isn't fast enough to keep up with the download. To bypass the media player, try right clicking on the file and choosing the "Save link as…" or "Save target as…" option. Once the video has finished downloading it should play fine.

      If that doesn't work, send me an e-mail at and I will provide you with an alternate download link for the file. Or, if you prefer send me an e-mail with your transaction number and I will issue a refund.

      Again, I am very sorry that you are having issues with the video. Treating customers right is very important to me. Please let me know what I can do to make this right with you.

  3. xdowl says:

    Damn cute girl! Love to see more of her. I wish he lighting on the video was better, got a lot of shadows on her crotch just as the action took place, was kind of hard to see her pants geting soaked.

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