Intentional Peeing in Panties

Alisha records a video of herself as she intentionally pees through her panties and onto the floor.

In this beautifully simply video, the stunning Alisha records herself in the bathroom. She is wearing only panties and a shirt. As she records, she movies the camera in for a close up between her legs. She then pees through her panties and onto the floor.

Once she has finished peeing she zooms in for a close up of her pee puddle on the tile floor. She also takes off her soaking wet underwear to show the camera.

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  1. eightueight says:

    Believably cute,

    Though I am not the biggest fan of straight up pantie wetting, Alisha manages to make it an ouright exciting. The way she locks herself in the bathroom with just her top, panties, and a hand-held-camera, and just let the hot warm tickly take over the dry fabric of her panties.

    Clever background noise as well, makes definitely for a more naughty or complete experience if you will. Moar please!


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