How to Wake up

Sosha is enjoying a nice afternoon nap when Mary Jane decides to wake her up.

Mary Jane kisses Sosha to get her to wake up.  It works, and soon both girls are passionately making out. Sosha needs to pee though, but Mary Jane doesn’t want to stop.  Finally Mary Jane tells Sosha just to pee on her if she really needs to go that bad.  Sosha does need to go that bad, so she follows Mary Jane’s advice and pees in her panties.

Both girls are now soaked with Sosha’s pee and incredibly horny.  Mary Jane rips off Soshas soaking wet panties and both girls manage to thoroughly enjoy each other, rolling around in the saturated bed.

This video shows-

  • Sosha sleeping in just her underwear.
  • Mary Jane waking Sosha up with kisses.
  • Intense make out session between Sosha and Mary Jane.
  • Sosha peeing through her panties onto Mary Jane.
  • Mary Jane taking off Sosha’s panties.
  • Sosha taking off Mary Jane’s bra.
  • More making out.