Sosha takes off her soaking wet clothes

How to Take a Shower

For most of us, taking a shower is a simple matter of routine.  Sosha and Alisha, however, approach showering differently.  For them, a shower provides a prime opportunity for some kinky wet fun as they demonstrate in this video.

We start off with Alisha and Sosha standing in the shower together, water turned off, fully clothed.  They are both wearing jeans and t-shirts as they talk to the camera.  First, Alisha intentionally pees in her pants, completely soaking them.  Next, it is Sosha’s turn to pee.  The camera zooms in for a close up as Sosha intentionally wets her pants.  With both their pants now wet with pee, still fully clothed, Alisha turns on the shower.  It isn’t long at all before they are both completely soaked.

Now that they are drenched from head to toe, they help each other undress.  Once completely naked, Alisha goes down on Sosha and eats her out.  After Sosha climaxes, it is now Alisha’s turn.  While making out, Sosha fingers Alisha until she cums.  At this juncture, they remember they are being recorded on video and briefly say goodbye as their shower comes to an end.

Preview Images

Alisha and Sosha prepare to take a shower together
Alisha intentionally pees in her jeans
Alisha stands in the tub, wetting her pants, as pee pools around her bare feet
Having just wet her pants, Alisha stands next to Sosha in the shower
Close up of Sosha peeing in her pants
Still wearing their peed in pants, Alisha turns on the shower
Taking a shower fully dressed, Sosha and Alisha get soaked
All wet, Sosha and Alisha undress in the shower
Alisha goes down on Sosha in the shower
Sosha fingers Alisha in the shower