Close up of Lyra's pussy as she pees on Sosha in the bath.

How to Take a Bath

How do you take a bath?

Well, if you’re a model for HD Wetting, you do do it with your friend while she pees on you.

This video features Lyra and Sosha taking a bath together.  They are both naked in the tub after a long day of filming, enjoying the hot bath water.  We get to watch as they have fun in the tub, as they have a small waterproof camera to play with.

When Lyra needs to pee, she doesn’t get out of the tub.  Instead she straddles Sosha, then pees on her.  Sosha records Lyra peeing with the waterproof camera, so we can a nice close up of Lyra’s pussy as she pees all over Sosha.  After Lyra is done peeing they continue their bath together.

Preview Images

Lyra and Sosha kissing in the bath together.
Close up of Lyra and Sosha kissing as they film it themselves with a small camera.
Lyra playfully squeezes Sosha's boob.
Lyra positions herself of Sosha, preparing to pee on her.
Lyra peeing on Sosha
Extreme close up on Lyra's pussy as she pees on Sosha
Wide angle shot of Lyra and Sosha in the tub, as Lyra pees on Sosha.
Sosha kisses Lyra on the forehead after Lyra pees on her.
Lyra takes the camera from Sosha and points it at her boobs.
At the end of the video Lyra and Sosha wave goodbye to the camera.