While filming a video showing how to use the toilet, Sosha accidentally pees in her panties

How to Pee in the Toilet

It seems that some of you who watch our videos may not be adequately potty trained, so we put together this helpful instructional video just for you.  In this video Sosha attempts to demonstrate how to properly pee in the toilet.  Things end up going wrong, however, when she forgets to pull down her panties first.

For anyone out there who might need some help figuring out how to correctly pee in the toilet, Sosha shot this short, step-by-step, instructional video.  In the video she demonstrates how to get the toilet ready to be peed in, and how to get ready to pee.  She then sits on the toilet and demonstrates how to do it.

As soon as she starts to pee, she quickly realizes something went wrong.  Too focused on shooting the video, Sosha forgot one crucial step- Pulling down her underwear.  As a result, she sat on the toilet and peed through her panties.  Afterwards, her panties are left visibly wet.  Despite this misstep, she continues with the instructional video, showing how to flush and reminding you to always wash your hands.

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