Olivia and Sosha on a nature walk singing camp songs.

How to Pee at Summer Camp

When city-girl Sosha encounters a bathroom emergency at Summer camp, the result is nothing short of disastrous in this humiliating video.

Ah, summer camp!  For some, it means crazy fun-filled days with friends and memories that last a lifetime, but for others, it can be a difficult experience that they would rather forget.  Based on this video, we are guessing Sosha’s camp experience falls into the latter category.

As the scene starts we join campers Olivia and Sosha as they are out for a nature hike, singing camp songs as they stroll through the wilderness.  After a while, Sosha stops saying that she needs to pee, asking where the nearest bathroom is.  Olivia explains that they are in the middle of the wilderness, that there isn’t a bathroom, but there are bushes all over. Not having a lot of experience in the outdoors, Sosha isn’t prepared to face the reality of having to relieve herself without proper facilities.  Instead of figuring out how she is going to do it, she keeps arguing with Olivia, insisting there must be some other option.

Despite her protests, a modern bathroom facility fails to suddenly manifest itself for Sosha’s use.  Unwilling to accept any other solution, Sosha ultimately ends up having a gigantic wetting accident in her jeans as Olivia looks on, laughing.  Completely humiliated, Sosha begs Olivia to look away, but Olivia can’t help but tease Sosha for wetting herself.

Soon, Olivia realizes that Sosha is truly upset about having an accident and stops teasing her.  Olivia gives Sosha a comforting hug and offers to pee in her pants as well so that Sosha won’t be alone.  Sosha can’t believe Olivia would do such a thing for her, but Olivia seems to have no problem with it.  As Sosha watches, Olivia floods her own pants intentionally.  Now, both having wet pants, they decide to head back to the rest of the camp and clean themselves up.

Preview Images

Olivia and Sosha on a nature walk singing camp songs.
Olivia and Sosha discussing options for peeing in the forest.
Desperate to pee, Sosha holds her crotch as Olivia encourages her to go pee in the shrubs.
Unable to hold it, Sosha starts to pee in her jeans.
A glistening, dark, wet patch is visible on Sosha's jeans as she starts to pee herself.
Pee runs down Sosha's legs to her sneakers.
Olivia teases Sosha as she watches her pee in her pants.
Close-up shot of Olivia starting to pee in her light colored pants.
Pee streams pour from the bottom of Olivia's pants.
Wide shot of Olivia and Sosha looking at one another's soaked pants.