Close up from behind as Sosha pees in her khaki pants

How to get Free Pizza

In this video Sosha discovers a new way to get free pizza delivery- When the delivery driver shows up with her pizza, she promptly pees in her pants.  The delivery driver is so weirded out by this that she takes off, leaving Sosha with a pizza she didn’t have to pay for.

We join Sosha at home as the video stars, where she is eagerly awaiting her pizza delivery, but also desperate to pee.  According to the pizza tracker on her phone, delivery should be in any moment, so she doesn’t want to go to the bathroom and miss her meal.  Eventually her need to pee grows to the point that she can no longer hold on.  Even though her pizza should be there any moment, she needs the bathroom.  Just as she decides to go ahead and go pee, the doorbell rings just as she is rushing to the toilet.

Her pizza has arrived, but Sosha can’t barely stop herself from peeing in her pants.  To make matters worse, it is the delivery driver’s first night on the job and she is having difficulty remembering everything she is supposed to do and the correct amount she is supposed to collect from customers.

Sosha does her best to exercise patience, legs tightly crossed, as she waits for the delivery driver to figure out how much she owes for the pizza.  Despite squeezing her legs tightly together, she is unable to hold on a moment longer.  Standing in front of the delivery driver Sosha wets her pants, soaking her lightly colored khaki slacks.

The delivery driver is absolutely stunned.  She can’t believe that this customer has just peed her pants, standing there in front of her.  Sosha is completely mortified and doesn’t know what to say. Finally, completely weirded out by the whole situation, the delivery driver manages to spit out the message that the pizza is free, before taking off to escape the awkward situation.

With her pants completely soaked, Sosha carries her pizza back into the living room.  Sitting down on her sofa she smiles triumphantly at the camera, happy to have secured a free pizza.

Preview Images

Sosha is waiting for her pizza to be delivered
Sosha looks at the pizza tracker app on her phone
Badly needing to pee, Sosha crosses her legs and holds herself
Pizza delivery driver hands Sosha her pizza
Sosha presses her legs tightly together, needing to pee
Sosha is desperate to pee as she waits for the delivery driver to figure out how much she owes
Unable to hold it any longer, Sosha starts to pee in her pants
The pizza delivery driver reacts in shock as Sosha pees herself
Sosha's light colored pants grow transparent as she pees in them
The pizza delivery driver and Sosha share an awkward moment without words after Sosha pees her pants