Sosha inspects Lyra's wet shorts

How Lesbians Pee

This sexy lesbian video features Sosha and Lyra peeing on the toilet at the same time.  Turns out that this doesn’t actually work that well, and a huge wet mess is the result.

We start off this video with Sosha, on the toilet, doing what one does on the toilet, when Lyra walks into the bathroom.  Straddling Sosha on the toilet, Lyra kisses her and they start making out.  Without any warning, Lyra suddenly pees, with her shorts on.  Wetting her shorts and peeing onto Sosha, most of her pee ends up running down Sosha’s legs, wetting Sosha’s clothes, and making a huge puddle on the floor.

Turned on by Lyra peeing herself on her lap, Sosha pulls off Lyra’s soaked shorts and slides her hand into Lyra’s wet panties.  Lyra sits on Sosha’s lap, facing her, and they return to making out.  As they make out, they both finger each other until they cum.

Preview Images

Lyra straddles Sosha on the toilet
Lyra and Sosha making out
Lyra pees through her shorts onto Sosha's lap
Lyra's pee stream splatters all over the floor around Sosha's feet
Sosha inspects Lyra in her wet, peed in shorts
Sosha unzips Lyra's wet shorts
Sosha slides her hand into Lyra's wet panties
Lyra and Sosha make out and finger each other on the toilet
Close up of Lyra and Sosha fingering each other on the toilet