Hot and Steamy in the Bathroom

When things get hot and steamy between Sosha and Mary Jane in the bathroom Sosha’s full bladder threatens to interrupt the fun.

Sosha is getting ready to go out when Mary Jane joins in her in the bathroom.  Mary Jane has other plans though and works to convince Sosha to stay at home this evening.  An amazing lesbian make out scene ensues.

Just when Mary Jane takes off Sosha’s panties and things are about to go to the next level, Sosha slams on the breaks.  She has to pee and can’t hold it!

Will Sosha’s full bladder ruin the fun?  Will Sosha needing to pee make things even more sexy?  How far will the girls go in the video?  Where and when will Sosha pee?

Watch the video and find out!

This video shows-

  • Sosha and Mary Jane in their underwear in the bathroom.
  • Both girls engaged in a prolong, steamy, make out session.
  • Sosha desperate to pee!
  • Sosha finally finding relief.
  • And more!
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  1. brian says:

    hey thanks but unfortunately you didn't upload a new video somehow you reuploaded video 377 as todays video right pic but wrong video

    • TVGuy says:

      It should work now. The right video got uploaded, but for some reason the video number variable didn't automatically update when I published, so it was still linking to the old one. Should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any other problems.

  2. Kevin Haroldson says:

    The new trailer should be positioned above that of the updated video clip that , You , need to click on it to start that particular video .

    The trailer starts automatically . So it should be the very first thing You see / come across when entering the site. Not the update video instead. That can be seen next , if the person viewing , [visiting ] , the site . Wishes to scroll down after watching the free trailer . Then check out what's new & fun to watch ! Plus might encouare them to join this site.

    Otherwise , REALLY GREAT trailer for the site! Enjoyed watching it! ! Especially the last scene with Mikki & Sammy , With Mikki telling the viewer to stay tuned in ! ! GREAT ! ! TWO THUMBS _ UP on that ! !

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