We open in a dimly lit garage. Nikko is sitting topless in a chair in the middle of the floor. She is tied to the chair, completely unable to move, under a bright interrogation style light. Tape covers her mouth rendering her unable to speak or yell for help.

Alisha, pleased with herself, struts into view, totally in control of the situation. She is wearing a dark, sexy, outfit. Swaggering over to Nikko Alisha playfully bends over, placing her face directly in front of Nikko’s. Alisha joyfully informs Nikko of how dire her situation is. Nikko is anything but joyous though. The concern is evident in Nikko’s eyes.

Circling around Nikko Alisha takes out her phone and proceeds to call an unknown person. Alisha doesn’t know this yet, but Nikko is extremely desperate to pee. On the phone Alisha informs whoever she is talking to that she has taken Nikko hostage. She demands one million dollars for Nikko’s release.

At this point Nikko is extremely desperate to pee. Alisha realizes that something is wrong and pulls the tape off of Nikko’s mouth. Nikko begs Alisha to let her go to the bathroom, but Alisha has zero sympathy for Nikko’s situation. To the contrary, Alisha is extremely amused by Nikko’s dire desperation.

Nikko pees in her pants as Alisha makes fun of her. Nikko is humiliated, but Alisha is almost in a state of gleeful bliss that she was able to force Nikko to have an accident
Now Alisha states that she has to pee. Without hesitation Alisha sits on Nikko’s lap and proceeds to relieve herself. Nikko is grossed out, but there is nothing she can do. Once Alisha is done she leaves the garage. Nikko, soaked, is left alone and tied up.