A late night study session takes a sexy turn when Sosha lures Alisha into some kinky wet fun.

We start off the video finding Alisha laying on her bed. She is studying for her organic chemistry final.  Sosha, on the other hand, is bored and horny.  Wanting to have some fun, Sosha does everything she can to try to seduce Alisha, but Alisha remains resolute, focusing on her homework.

Finally, Sosha gives up.  Her attempts at seduction obviously failing, she starts to leave, saying she needs to go pee.  Suddenly, Alisha’s attention is peaked.  She seems interested in Sosha needing to pee.  Picking up on this, Sosha uses her full bladder to tease Alisha.  Finally getting what she wanted, Alisha sets aside her homework, turning her attention to Sosha.

They make out for a bit, then Alisha asks Sosha to pee on her.  Sosha complies eagerly, peeing through her white cotton panties and all over Alisha and the bed.  After she is done peeing, Alisha, now horny, eats her out.  It isn’t long before Sosha has a screaming orgasm.  They make out a bit more before Sosha leaves to clean up and Alisha returns to her studies.

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