Hiking With Friends

In this video we find Alisha and Sosha hiking through the forest. They have been hiking for a while, but are almost back to their car. Alisha, however, has to pee.

Alisha shares with Sosha that she really needs to go. Sosha encourages to simply go in the forest, but Alisha isn’t too comfortable about the idea of going outside without a toilet. Since they are almost back to the car, Alisha decides to just try and hold on.

Then, it happens- Without any warning, catching Alisha totally by surprise, she pees in her pants. Alisha is absolutely shocked, unable to believe that she just wet herself. She does her best to adjust her pants to hide it, but it is obvious what happened. Sosha walks closely behind Alisha, to try to help cover up her wet pants, and they hurry back to the car.